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Calculate and offset emissions from energy usage and offices

You can calculate the annual emissions from your business locations here. If you like to add each location separately, just click on "Energy" again after calculating the emissions of your first location:

Number of years to offset:
Number of staff:
Majority of staff located in:
Most buildings have A/C
Type of workplace:

Alternatively or additionally, you can insert your energy consumption here:

Electric energy consumption: kWh
Fuel oil consumption:
Coal consumption:
Natural gas consumption: Nm3
Some suggestions on how to reduce your emissions:
  • Most energy efficiency measures pay back quickly.
  • Whenever you need to invest in a new heating or cooling system, this is when you should think about emissions – if you buy inefficient equipment, it will waste lots of energy and money for years to come.
  • Avoid using standby of electronic devices by switching them off completely.
  • Switch to a clean electricity tariff – a very simple way to reduce your emissions on a large scale.
  • Plug electric devices such as computers, TVs, DVD players, etc. into a power strip that can turn them all off at once when not in use. Electrical appliances left on stand-by mode use up to 8% of a building's energy.
  • Replace old light bulbs with CFLs as they burn out: Compact flourescent bulbs use about 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs.